My name is Theresa and as of 2015 I am 46.  I have three kids (oldest has Celiac disease and other food allergies, middle child was lucky enough to get her fathers genes, my youngest has Celiac disease and is autistic)  I personally have had a very rough road to recovery seeing that I was misdiagnosed for 10 years but I think I finally made it to the freeway where I can now go at a constant speed instead of starting and stopping a million times.

2005 My daughter and I were both diagnosed with Celiac Disease. In 2014 I was finally diagnosed with MTHFR.   I believe my Celiac gene was triggered with the birth of my second child in 1996 as that is when I started to get sick and got no answers from doctors other than “just take more medication”  My daughter’s gene was turned on we think due to a car accident in 2004 and my son, well he was just lucky enough to be born with the gene already switched on.   If you are born with the Celiac Gene it can lay dormant most or all your life until an event, usually traumatic or just a shock to your system like fad dieting turns it on.  Once on it can never be turned off.

before celiac I was a pre-made type cook, it was all processed.  Open this box, that can, heat it up in the microwave type person.   That is what happens when one never learns to cook.

My daughter and I embarked on this journey together, learning to cook from scratch everything we ate.   I will admit she learned more than I did and is by far the better cook but I still try, and end up with some pretty good food.   My type of cooking is easy, anyone can do it type cooking.

There are 4 people now that my oldest is out on her own in our home.  Two of us can and two of us can’t eat gluten.   We maintain a 100% gluten-free home to make it clear and simple.  We have been like that from day one of diagnosis.  I wanted our house to be a safe house where those with celiac disease didn’t have to worry if they could eat it or have to look at shelves of food they cannot eat.

Now a days, I host parties, take food to potlucks, make meals for those who need it; all gluten-free and most of the time I get great raves and asked for recipes.

I love eating, which is why I love sharing food with all my readers.   And I love trying new things.   If I could try a new food every day I would be so happy.

I hope you take the time to search through all my posts, I have quite the collection. I also hope you enjoy what you see.   helping others is what I love to do.


Being diagnosed with Celiac Disease is not the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a whole new world.

I would also like to say how important diet is in general.  Not only was my son born with the Celiac gene turned on he was born Autistic.   by the age of 3 professionals said there was not much hope for him and that his life would consist of him being in a child like state.  Through love, determination, therapy, and mostly diet my son is now a very high functioning individual.  He still has an autism diagnosis but one would never know just by looking at him and observing him in a daily setting.    Once upon a time my son couldn’t speak a word now he never stops talking and I love it.   God is good and through food we have recovered my son.   The food issues will be life long.  He will never be able to eat gluten, soy, or food dyes and dairy will be limited but I can tell you the difference between my son then and my son now…………its priceless and a miracle.


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    • glutenfreealaska says:

      This past year has been a journey indeed. I have learned lots about health and nutrition and new ways of cooking. I hope that I can encourage and help others on their journey as well. whether you need to be just gluten free, all allergy free or need to loose some weight I want to be able to encourage readers. Thanks for looking at my site out and come back often, I am always adding recipes. 🙂

      Down 45 pounds now!

  1. Ben Acord says:


    I know this is kind of a random but I am the Brewer for a 100% gluten free brewery down oregon called Evasion Brewing (evading gluten). I grew up in fairbanks and I am going back there in December and I am currently looking to do a tap takeover at craft beer oriented place up there. It is not set in stone yet but very close. We also have been approached by distributers that would like to distribute it up there on a regular basis. I don’t know if you are a beer drinker or used to be and transitioned to cider. But I was wondering if a gluten free beer tap takeover would be something that you would be interested in promoting once I have the details sorted out. Thank you for your time.

    • glutenfreealaska says:

      Not a beer drinker, I am sorry. I also don’t know or have association with places you would be looking for. I do know however that we have some home brewery places, it is quite popular up here and as with any place the need for Alcohol seems to be high and I do know by listening to the community that gluten free beer would be welcomed. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

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