Allergy Free Prepared Boxed Lunch!!!!!!

You read that right a boxed, shelf stable lunch/snack from .   I have been watching these guys for some time, following their progress and their willingness to help those in the world with food allergies.   I am totally impressed!

I started out buying a case of the gluten-free meals (there are a few different ones) for my college student when she was student teaching.  She raved about them so they became a staple that I would send.    When she moved back home and started teaching I bought a bunch more for her to take to keep in the car (perfect emergency meal for the car, to keep in your work desk drawer and diaper bags, the list is endless)   Since she enjoyed them so much I decided to get my non celiac child some as well so I ordered some of the meals that contained gluten as well.   More raves.   My kids just love these things.

The sad thing is I reserve these for my kids so I haven’t had one.  But now with the introduction of the all natural, mostly allergy free my son and I can now order and eat them.  They are Gluten/Dairy/Soy free.  I plan on ordering another case soon.

Gopicnic has won me over with their delicious, shelf stable, awesomeness.   My whole family can now enjoy from those with no allergies, to those with celiac disease and now those with celiac as well as dairy and soy intolerance.

DO I REALLY NEED TO SAY MORE?  these guys are awesome.  shipping is fast, food is good, CSU is outstanding!  They are definitely one of my Favorite companies.


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  1. Ann Hewitt says:


    I hate to be the bearer of bad news…

    One of the ingredients in the sunbutter is mixed tocepherols. That’s another name for vitamin e, and vitamin E is usually made from soy.

    I wish it wasn’t so!

    Love your site! This is my first visit.

    Ann from gfcf group

  2. glutenfreealaska says:

    Thanks for the heads up Ann, I completely overlooked the fact that it was sunbutter brand and I even did my own research on it. Thankfully I have not had this box but I do still stand very firm on the gluten free boxes as well as the pb&j crackers. My kids love them. My oldest has not got sick from CC issues on them which made me more impressed but now I am not going to attempt the new “allergy free” box except maybe for my daughter who is only gluten free. That really bursts my bubble tonight as I was so hopeful! Sigh when will the world catch on Soy is bad!

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