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I found Amanda’s  after a recommendation from a friend in my Celiac Support Group.   I was so tickled to see all the holiday candies she offered.   So many shapes and sizes and festive things I had a hard time controlling myself.  I wanted to buy everything.

Amanda’s FAQ’s

Easters at my house for my multiple allergy son usually consists of small toys and enjoy life chocolate bars.   He likes them, don’t get me wrong but he was always sad he never got an chocolate Easter Bunny like other kids.     At age 8 he finally got his chocolate Easter Bunny.

I contacted Amanda’s Own Confections and ordered a bunny and a few other things for Easter and I was able to fill my son’s basket will all chocolate.   He woke up early and looked at his basket not too impressed.   You see usually when he gets things like that (from others) its things he can’t eat so we trade it out.   but he picked one up and got excited saying mom mom mom this is gluten free.   He kept looking in amazement and his excitement went up another notch as he exclaimed mom mom mom its dairy free.   Then he read nut free and he was in a frenzy wanting to tear the package open and eat it right then and there at 7 am.  He was very excited yelling I can eat these, I can eat these!        My son was very pleased, I was overjoyed at his excitement.

So you ask how did it taste?   Well you really can’t go wrong with chocolate so of course the taste was amazing.  My son gobbled it up.   I am a milk chocolate type of girl, I just enjoy the mellow taste and these treats were all a bittersweet chocolate.  I enjoyed them, my son adores them so that is all that matters.    I will buy from them again and would recommend them to others.

The good taste and texture of these is just a plus.  My real reason why I would buy and recommend them is the shapes and the beautiful detail in the chocolates.   little Easter bunnies, big Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, chocolate bars and for all the holidays.  I can’t wait for the next holiday so I can order some more.   I am so happy to be able to provide more than just a simple enjoy life candy bar to my son now.

If you have not tried them, what do you have to loose.  Make someone’s day extra special with a gf/df/nf chocolate.

Amanda’s Own, You made my Easter and I look forward to doing business with you again! four thumbs up from me and my son.

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