Apple Fritters, GF/DF/SF

For 6 years I have missed my most beloved breakfast pastry………….the apple fritter.   Oh when I had the chance to get donuts at the store I would pay more for that luscious, tender, mouth-watering apple fritter.   sometimes I had to search seat cushions for change just to go get an apple fritter.      I thought I would miss them for the rest of my life to be quite honest, until today.  I had such a craving that I just couldn’t contain myself.  I had to find an apple fritter recipe I could make; and as you can see by my overload of postings I am on a roll for cooking this week.   At 3:30 am I laid in bed unable to sleep knowing the night before I had printed out a recipe to try.  I ended up getting up in the wee hours, hoping no one would catch me as I started my donuts.

Why did I start so early well two reasons really.  1) If they didn’t turn out then I could toss them and no one would know I even tried.  If my family would have known their little mouths would have watered. they would have wanted one and well that would be sad if they couldn’t have one. 2) If they did turn out then no one would know I even tried. If my family would have known their little mouths would have watered. they would have wanted one and well that would be sad if they couldn’t have one. but why couldn’t they have one?  Silly question because they would be gone before they woke up, remember me telling you how much I love apple fritters?

so are you ready?   Another throw together, easy peasy, just do what you feel like recipe.  I really like this way of cooking just throwing things together.  after all these years I don’t think I was meant to follow a recipe the way it was written.

Heat your deep fat fryer up while prepping.

in a big bowl throw in (okay not literally) 1 cup of GF flour mix, I of course used Tom Sawyer flour.    I better start getting some royalties for mentioning his mix so much!  add in 1/3 cup of sugar, 1 tsp baking powder, 2 tsp cinnamon (I love cinnamon) 1/4 tsp nutmeg.   mix together.  In another bowl 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1 tbsp melted earth balance gf/df/sf butter, 1 egg and 1/3 cup almond milk.   mix and then add to the dry ingredients.   Stir just until all incorporated.  I Did not worry about getting just right, I just mixed till all meshed together and then took 8 oz apple pie filling.  Now you want to get a good kind with actual apples and not just the cornstarch filling type ones. (or make your own)   make sure you chop the apples into bite size chunks and fold into the batter (like my actual cooking words?) It will be a gooey mess, that’s good.  let it sit and go make a bowl of frosting.  powder sugar, vanilla and water to your preferred consistency.

Now take a big spoon and scoop some dough, plop into the oil.  I kind of let it just slide off the spoon which made it take on weird shapes when it hit the fryer so it really did look like the original fritters.  bake about 40 seconds each side depending on how thick your dough was.  test the first one to see if its right and make adjustments from there.  once out of the fryer place to drain on paper towels but not for long because while it’s still warm place in a lidded container and pour some frosting and shake around then place on a drying plate or rack or whatever you have, who cares they ain’t going to last long.   oh do several fritters at once if you did one by one you would be there forever…………

to prove my point about how good these were, mine are already gone, its 6:33 am and no one is up therefore I did not have to share.   Recipe in my case makes one serving.  In your home it may be 4-6 servings?

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