Birthday Donuts – Katz Review

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me!  I found another type of donut at my local Natural food store this past week when I went birthday shopping.  I was so excited I did a dance in the aisle.   I don’t find many Katz products up here, although I wish I would.

I don’t get to natural food store as often as I want because its a drive for me and well I hate driving.


I found me some glazed donuts!  oh yeah.

I bought the glazed and of course I had to buy the powdered sugar ones too.   I have told you how much I loved those powdered sugar ones.   My son brings donuts to school to keep in the freezer so that when there are parties he grabs his two donuts.   however our local store here only carries Kinnikinnick donuts and while they use to be a good brand for donuts the quality has just gone down hill. (small, dense, dry)   So I will be investing in several boxes of Katz to keep in my freezer for him to take to school next year.  This year I actually let him have the rest of my birthday donuts to take to school and he just ate the kinnikinnick ones he had saved at school.    He deserves good donuts for parties just like I do, and Katz are just good donuts.

here are the reviews of the Katz and the Kinnikinnick donuts that I already did but I must add to it since I have now tried the glazed…………………………..big sigh, these are so good, I have a hard time explaining my joy of eating them.    Lets just say I give a little bow to Katz for some amazing products.

Katz Review

Kinnikinnick review

The negative:   Katz I really wish you would ship more products to Alaska.   I appreciate the addition of the glazed donuts but I want all the donuts, (I am a die-hard donut fan, it’s what we always eat on our birthdays, sleepovers, special occasions)  I would really love to sample all you have although that might make me sad if I couldn’t buy them here on a regular basis. I know you would sell all your products up here so well.  In fact there were only two boxes each of the donuts left in the freezer.

now the yummy part, check this out

IMG_4092 IMG_4094 IMG_4096And by the way, I licked this plate clean.

Donuts, Oh dear donuts, how I love you.  Let me compare you to a mid summer day.  Oh who am I kidding there is no comparison donuts are just awesome!

I am a food lover from my head to my toes.    Sometimes I wonder what life would be if I were not Celiac.  Oh the foods I could try.   But I am so happy that there are some really good gluten-free foods that I can rave about, just wish there were not so many I complain about as well.   Again this just proves to me that you can do processed gluten-free that tastes good, has flavor, good texture, that is moist and soft so why do these other companies not care to do the same?   It blows me away.   They could make a fortune, and I know I am not the only foodie out there with dislikes on some of the things I have tried.   I hear them complain, I hear their dislike and I just sigh wondering why it has to be like that.

Oh well I have one donut of each kind that I saved for just me, I think I will go treat myself right now.

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  1. Jordan says:

    Happy birthday!

    Thanks for the donut review. A store in Kenai sells them but I didn’t know if they were worth the price tag. Now I’m definitely gonna try them! I only crave donuts once or twice a year, and haven’t had a decent GF one yet.

    • glutenfreealaska says:

      they are definitely a lot better than the other donuts. Do you get the jelly and custard filled ones in your store? If you do I sure would love to know what you think of them. I am dying to try them, but the powdered sugar ones sure brings back childhood memories of the little powdered sugar donuts by hostess.

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