Bunapi Mushrooms

Has anyone seen these or had them?  They are absolutely wonderful!

Browsing my organic store I came across these cute little things.  Being a mushroom lover I thought wow a new mushroom to try.  There was another variety too but I only do one thing at a time and right now give me Bunapi’s because these babies are good!

I sautéed them up with some pre-cooked chicken breast shreds and just a tad (tad I said tad) bit of tamari gluten-free soy sauce.   These mushrooms soaked the flavor up like little vacuums and retained the flavor and cooked up so very nicely.  Oh my goodness the texture was awesome, the flavor was savory, and it was just a lot of fun to eat.

Yes I get way too much enjoyment out of eating my veggies, don’t you wish I could rub off on your kids??????

I give an all thumbs up to these new little mushrooms.

for more info go to www.hokto-kinoko.com


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