Canyon bakehouse Gluten Free Bread – Review

I actually did not set out to review this bread.  I found it at my local Safeway store and I thought what the heck I will give it a try.   It was the first time I have seen it and I hope I continue seeing it.   I have heard people raving on this bread forever but since I found Franz bread I honestly thought there could be no better.   Don’t get me wrong Franz is a wonderful soft bread and I still like it but can I tell you a few things about Canyon Bakehouse bread?   (I have to go get a napkin because there is some serious drooling going on; yes over a piece of bread)

Basically I bought this out of curiosity to see what everyone was raving about.  Some people rave about other brands and well I find them equivalent to eating cardboard.  So here it goes, this is what I want you to know about the bread:

1.  It smelled like bread, It felt like bread, in fact I was a little puzzled how gluten bread-like it was that I had to go read the ingredients and then even thought to myself what if it was marked wrong somehow?

2.  I made a ham and cheese sandwich and the first bite brought back memories I didn’t know I had from 10 years ago when I use to eat gluten bread.   I have honestly never bitten into bread that reminded me so much of real gluten bread.   Other brands are soft, delicate and edible without toasting but with each bite I went back to pre-celiac days.  So I thought clear back to childhood and a light bulb went off, I had to test this bread to the full limit!

3.   My childhood test of bread.  As a child sometimes we just got a piece of bread with dinner.   My favorite thing to do (don’t judge me) was to wad it up into a little ball and nibble on this almost raw tasting dough ball.  Of course leaving the crust.   I did this to the Canyon bread……………………………whoa, I have not done this in forever.  No other gluten-free bread has ever been able to do this.

3.  test two, I toasted it and buttered it and dipped it in hot tea.    When I am sick there is nothing better than hot tea and toast and this is something I have not been able to enjoy in the last ten years as much as I have tried.   This was perfect……………I am almost crying at how perfect this was.

BUT WAIT!   CHECK THIS OUT, HOW PERFECT IS THIS?  Its sugar free……….Oh yes it is.  Water, brown rice flour, organic agave syrup, tapioca flour, whole grain sorghum flour, xanthan gum, cultured brown rice flour, extra virgin olive oil, eggs, whole grain amaranth, sea salt, yeast and natural enzymes.   What?  oh my gosh the perfect bread for my diet.

Anything from here on will just be a bread coma rant about how much I love this bread and how I feel like a little girl again back before I couldn’t have gluten.  I have eaten so many pieces in so many ways today and I could die a happy person right now.

How can a bread make a person that happy?   Oh it does, it so does.

Here is a picture of the sandwich and the dough balls, after that I ate it so fast and said the heck with the photo give me my bread…………I was like a kid in a candy making shop making this and that and that and this, and well there may no longer be a loaf of bread in my fridge now, but I don’t care.

“shuddering” this was so good!

IMG_4311 IMG_4313 IMG_4314

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