Chocolate chip cookies

Nothing new, this is your basic every day cookie recipe; but it’s really good and you can’t tell its gluten/dairy/soy free.   I will be testing it out on a group tonight so will post with updates.

1 cup earth balance gf/df/sf butter (red container) ~ 1 cup sugar ~ 1 cup brown sugar ~ 2 large eggs ~ 1 tsp vanilla ~ 2 cups GF flour ~ 1 tsp baking powder ~ 1 tsp baking soda ~ 1/2 tsp salt ~ 2.5 cups oats (put into the food processor to make smaller, not flour but definitely not whole oat) ~ 1 bag of enjoy life chocolate chips ~ pecans  optional.

you know me I just throw everything in my kitchen aide.  I don’t cream or add this or that in the right order and my stuff still turns out good.  so if you are cooking with kids this is great I just throw it all in and beat until mixed!  the chocolate chip are small so they are not going to fall apart or turn into tiny pieces that are good or blend into your dough to make chocolate sauce instead of chunks.

roll in to quarter sized balls (quarter sized in diameter) and place on baking sheet.

bake at 375 degrees for 8 minutes.

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