Chocolate marshmallow pudding

Doesn’t this photo make you want to jump right into my computer and grab a bowl?  Talk about chocolate Heaven, warmed up with perfect marshmallowy delight, I have to say I think passed over the threshold of happiness to total bliss.

Maybe it’s because I just needed chocolate, it really does cure-all for those who do not know of its healing properties.   Maybe it was the warmth of the smooth texture or the added richness of the marshmallows.  Whatever it was it was so so so so good and I scarfed it down since my taste buds were in a frenzy and I should have enjoyed it for longer but I didn’t but oh how I sit now with a full belly and a satisfied soul.

It’s not new, I am sure many a person has made this dish.  It was a first to me however, not to be confused as my last because it won’t be the last.

Warm chocolate pudding, I bought it from the store in the little box and cooked it up.  Well it was instant so I whipped it up then heated it once set.  Daughter wanted cold, I wanted warm…..It was a compromise.   She had a bag of marshmallows so I stole a handful just thinking I would sprinkle them on top but I didn’t I stirred them in before heating and what I created my dear friends was Heaven on Earth…Oh I could preach to you all night on the wonderful concoction of marshmallows and warm chocolate pudding but alas my head is dizzy from the sight, smell and taste of perfection so I will have to just let you experience this on your own.   After all warm chocolate is best enjoyed alone (that my friends is my  two cents, after all if you eat alone you don’t have to share.)    Looking in my pantry which I just cleaned out I found a few more boxes.   I was wanting to get rid of them and learn to make my own so instead of putting them in the trash or throwing them in the back of the pantry since I have no room for them I guess its best just to eat them up.   Today while cleaning I was able to finish off  1/2 of bag of chips that may have gone stale, and the two candy canes; well it is way past christmas and too far away to save for next year so they just had to go and what better way for them to go then dipped into the last three packets of hot cocoa.   I have had a great day cleaning out the pantry!   I may do it more often.


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