Creamy Sweet Potato Soup

There is no picture of this recipe for the simple fact it looks awful.  Those of you with little ones it will resemble well lets just say yuck.   Those of you with food sensitivities to mushy stuff will not like this either but I loved it!  I am a soup eater through and through and if it can be made into a soup I make it into a soup.

Needless to say I had 4 sweet potatoes that no one was eating and they started sprouting.  Now I usually stay away from starches but sweet potatoes have a lot of vitamin and minerals and are somewhat healthy.  so I peeled them and chopped them and put them in the pressure cooker with two cups of low sodium organic chicken broth with a pinch of nutmeg and clove each.   I pressure cooked those babies for about 15 minutes and then when done and cooled I placed in the blender with about 1 cup of almond milk and blended away until smooth.  I added some cinnamon and some more nutmeg and some stevia sweetener and mixed again and oh was I in heaven.

I just ate a bowl of warm sweet potato soup.   It tasted as if I were eating warm pumpkin pie filling right out of a warm oven on a cool fall day.   when I opened my eyes it looked like I was eating baby food so I savored it with my eyes close.    I really like this soup and what a wonderful way to get rid of sweet potatoes.

that is what i am eating today, what is on your menu?   Got any good soup recipes???????






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