Firetap Alehouse

We decided to finally try Firetap since I heard that there were gluten-free items and we were in Anchorage with 8 hungry teens.   It’s a small, noisy, hustle and bustle type of place.  A tad bit crowded and if felt like you were going to bump the table next to you but its a sports bar so I suppose that is the way they are.   A booth would have been great but with a large group we were stuck in the middle with a table.  I found on the way home the kids were talking in loud voices since they practically had to scream to hear each other in the establishment but it made it nice that we were not having to shhhhh anyone to avoid annoying others, the whole place was loud together.

Food:   Although I applaud them for offering a gluten-free item (1 item alone) I found it to be less than tasty.   I would never order it again although some might.   It is a roasted chicken and garlic pizza.  Crust was good, flavor okay but it was so over powered with garlic that I was burping it up all night and I love and eat garlic all the time.  but this was just too much and the flavor of the pizza was just garlic.  But as I ate, I enjoyed the meal and was happy I was able to eat with everyone and the portion size was just right.

Service:  I heard from many people who have gone that the service was slow. We waited 20 minutes for a seat but then we were a large party.  We were waited on promptly and for the most part got great service til the food came and then it was like we disappeared from the face of the earth.  hardly any service, or checking in to see if all was okay and we had to flag someone down for a check but up until then we got fine service so although it could have been better I found it adequate especially for being a busy little place.

I was told they are working on more items being gluten-free but this visit I sat and watched appetizers being eaten as I sat sadly and the pizza being gobbled as I ate my little garlic pizza.   This trip was not the best but again I got to eat so not a total loss either.

Over all, not something I would beg to go back to at this point with just the one gluten-free item but I will give it a few months check back to see how their menu has expanded and try it again.  I am hopeful that they will be able to provide more variety.  They have the crust they need to think about making any of the pizza’s with it!!!!!!  now that would be great!

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