Gluten Free Pretzel Review

I got a wonderful birthday gift from my daughter this year.   Several new gluten-free things to try.   One of these items was Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels.

The box reads 2 classic soft pretzels, all natural, gluten-free, wheat free, made in an allergy aware nut free bakery with 5 g of whole grains.

I love pretzels, every time we went to a mall or to Costco we got a big old hot pretzel with extra salt.   One of my favorite treats of all times when I go out like that.  so how did these compare?

Sadly pretzels are one thing I have not mastered so I miss them tremendously and for taste and texture I only give them a 3.  They were small, dense, and not the usual crispy outside soft chewy inside it was more of a chewy all around.  It didn’t cure my craving for soft pretzels but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.   Its like getting a cup of coffee from the soup kitchen vs Starbucks.

I do however give them a 8 for effort.   It’s not everyone (since they are the only brand I know of) that steps up to the plate to make a gluten-free soft pretzel.   Plus the cost was $7 for 2 itty bitty pretzels.  the two together would almost make up a regular size pretzel you buy at the mall

So sorry Kim & Scott’s but I probably won’t be spending my money on your soft pretzels more than once in a long while.  I love the idea, I would buy them all the time if they were just larger, more comparable and the price well that wouldn’t even bother me if they were more like the real thing.

for those who enjoy them, I am sorry I am the harshest critic when it comes to Gluten Free.   I think there is no reason that a product cannot taste like the gluten version.  With pretzels I just haven’t mastered it yet.    We have mastered most everything in our 7 years of Gluten free; but tortillas and pretzels still give me heck.

so enjoy if you like but this is my honest opinion of the food.  I will say I enjoyed them immensely just because they were a very dear gift from my daughter who always thinks of me.  I would have shared but I got greedy and ate them both just because I was almost on the verge of cheating on my diet I wanted one so badly.

the gluten-free life, sometimes its no fun at all in fact I today I am cursing it slightly.



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