Homemade Almond milk

07/06/2014  Notes:   Make sure you blanch and take the skins off, this leaves a bitter taste, add a pinch of salt and a few dates for sweetness.    I am still not please with home made milk, it will take awhile for me to get use to I think.

have you ever wondered about making your own almond milk at home?    I heard people talking all the time how they make their own milks and I would think whats the big deal I can go down to any store and get almond or coconut milk.  It use to be you could only go to a health food store but now they are everywhere in abundance.   So frankly I never worried about it or gave it a thought.

But guess what Karma caught up with me.   I was recently tested positive for two copies of the A1298C Mutation.   (MTHFR)   In simple terms I just have to revise my diet a little more and I can no longer have any foods that are fortified or have added vitamins and minerals.    Whoops that means no more milk subs or none that I know of yet that are not fortified.   boo hoo; I like almond or coconut milk in my coffee, when I cook, in my cereal which I am having a hard time finding cereals as well.

Anyway  I found out making your own milk is quiet easy.     Very easy.   I would probably give it up 100% if it weren’t easy, that’s just me.  So far I have only tried almonds.

STEP 1:    Take two cups of raw almonds.  Soak them in water making sure there is 1 inch above the almonds.   this will take two days so you will need almonds going in two different containers if you go through a lot of milk.   this will make 4 cups of milk approximately.  Each day you want to empty them and rinse and refill with water.

STEP 2: On the third day drain and rinse and put the two cups of soaked almonds in your vitamix or high-speed blender and add 4 cups of water.   Blend until very fine particles are left.   (If I had balanced my almonds or bought skinless I don’t think I would have had very much discard at all, it was mostly skin) (I added a tsp of vanilla but you can add sweetener if you normally buy sweetened almond milk.)

STEP 3:  I took a fine wired sieve and lined it with cheese cloth (large enough that you can wrap the almonds up and squeeze the milk out in small batches.    I did this over a wide bowl as to not make a mess.    I squeezed the cheese cloth till dry over the fine sieve.  this gave me double coverage.  I discarded the almond meal into a separate container and continued the process until I had all my milk.   You want to make sure you only put a small amount in each time and just keep repeating.


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