Homemade potato chips


I started with the photo first because it is just so tasty looking.   I really never knew that home made potato chips can be so easy.  A little time consuming but then that is what husbands come in handy for.

My husband actually made these for our son who loves chips but trying to find chips in healthy oils that don’t cost a fortune for a small bag is impossible.  So he made his own.    He bought himself a new little toy awhile back (a slicer) so he loves to slice meat and what ever catches his eye.    He sliced a bunch of potatoes and as he casually made dinner (he loves tinkering in the kitchen) he just kept frying bunch after bunch after bunch till we had bunches of potato chips.  They were a big hit, so easy to do and if you have a big fryer they would be even easier.   But we knew we were eating healthy chips, okay as healthy as a chip can be but they were a great treat.   We have actually made them several time now since its that easy.    now if we can just make enough to last more than a dinner or two we could use some of those in the kids’ lunches.

They are too addicting to last that long……

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