i heart keenwah

I recently got a 4 oz package of i heart keenwah, cranberry cashew all natural clusters.


they are all natural Quinoa clusters that is gluten-free.  I heart quinoa as the company would say.   It’s a wonderful food.   However I was left a little unhappy with this particular snack.


they came in little squares that are about three bites if your dainty and one bite if you’re not.   My squares were all stuck together and some popped apart others did not leaving it to be a little difficult to manage as it became a cube instead of a little square.

the crunch was a little hard on my teeth.  I love quinoa because I like the texture but this was just a little difficult for me.  my jaw will be a little sore tomorrow.

the sweetness was just a tad bit too much.  they could 1/2 the sweetness and be fine.  they use tapioca syrup, raw sugar, and honey.  I’m thinking leave out the sugar at least and then tapioca syrup next.   sweetened with honey would be more up my alley.

the flavor.   Well it was different.  At first I didn’t like it at all but then I don’t eat a lot of cranberries and cranberries just have a taste all of their own.  after a few squares I enjoyed it more although I wouldn’t be buying that flavor again and the aftertaste was a little hard to explain but there was one and again I am thinking cranberries.


Well then that leaves, what did I like?

they are addictive.   even though I knew I would have a sore jaw tomorrow I found my self grabbing more.   this might not be a positive seeing it was pretty high sugar for my liking.

it was convenient.  I can see finding a flavor I like and keeping it my car for driving snacks.  they were not crumbly at all.  quite a sturdy little snack.   however a down side to that is one could easily eat the whole 4 ounces and, well, a serving is 1 ounce leaving you with 480 calorie snack.


My conclusion:

I give a heart-felt nod to anyone who is trying to get healthy snacks out there and I do like quinoa so I give my nod but unless the other flavors are better and the other packages a little easier on my teeth and jaw I will be passing on them for now.

Oh and they are certified gluten-free, another nod for you i heart keenwah.    I give them my best and will try other flavors in the future should the opportunity arise.



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