Lego Gummy Treats


I am sure you have all seen the YouTube video on how to make Lego gummy treats, if not it is posted here:


Being big Lego fans we searched for the molds but alas came up empty-handed.  the only molds we could find were larger ones and they would not work to stack once done.   Still wanting to provide the best possible fun for my youngest we pulled out the Jell-O jelly bean molds and we pretended they were angry bird eggs.


The result were Lego bricks and angry bird egg gummy treats that were enjoyable.

IMG_4687IMG_4685 IMG_4686

Looking forward to doing this again once we have better molds.   The video was easy to follow the results were perfect and the treats were lots of fun.



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  1. IdlewildAlaska says:

    On a whim, I bought a Lego man mold I found a few years ago. Haven’t used it yet, but I’m sure it’s one of those things that must be held on to. Love all things Lego! 😀

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