Mini Tostada Cups

My son recently got into tostadas.   Its a pain in the neck to keep spreading the beans and the cheese and the sauce on them so I thought lets see if we can simplify the process.

I took yellow corn tortillas (any tortilla will work) and I also used a brown rice tortilla.  I liked the result the same with both of them.

Using a circular cookie cutter I cut out a big circle.  It was large enough that when I stuffed it in a muffin pan the edges raised above the muffin cup.   I then put a dollop of re-fried beans in it and topped with a safe sauce (he likes taco bell packets) I baked in the oven at 350 degrees until bubbly hot then topped them with daiya cheese and let the cheese melt on top while they cooled down for eating.

I also experimented with other types that everyone else would eat, a dab of beans, a dab of ground beef, salsa and onions then topped with cheddar cheese and let bake.  the cheese got crispy and the flavors all melted together.

this is a recipe I would do again.

But what do you do with all the scraps from the leftover tortillas?   glad you asked!   You have your deep fryer going and make fresh tortilla chips (odd shaped ones but useable) that can be used for dinner with guacamole or salsa or stored for later use.


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