My Doterra Life

Someone asked me today how oils have changed my life. I gave a quick answer but then I thought about it for the rest of the day…………I can’t even begin to list all the changes that have happened since I started healing myself and using Doterra oils in my life.

First off I will tell you I was a sickly child, the child that always got to skip P.E. because my asthma attacks would be so bad. The child who missed too much school because I was always at home on the couch with illness. That carried over into my adulthood and I thought being sickly was just part of who I was. I pulled a two week on and off shift; meaning I would be sick for two weeks and well for two weeks. That is a little bit of an exaggeration but basically true, I was always sick.

I am not a hypochondriac, like some doctors use to tell me. I have/had real illness, it’s just they were too stupid to figure it out. Some illness has been found and I am working on it like my Celiac Disease which I have probably had most of my life it just finally tried to kill me 9 years ago.

9 years ago was a turning point. I was on 20+ medications to function…….Want to know how many I am on now? Two FDA drugs (Coumadin and T3) plus my doterra vitamins. 20 down to 2, I say that is amazing. I had things for pain, for blood sugar, for other illnesses pills that counter acted the side effects of other pills, I took so many pills I was constantly full, who needed food……… (Another exaggeration but they did fill me up)

My list of illnesses

Currently: Celiac Disease, MTHFR, Asthma, colitis, Coumadin therapy for blood clots, hyperthyroidism, psoriasis, arthritic psoriasis, hyperglycemia, I also have a brain cyst and a pituitary adenoma, (these are things I will always have but they can be kept under control)

What have I cured or controlled? All the items on the list above are 100% controlled. I am no longer border line diabetic, I was on glaucoma eye drops but that’s gone, I have rid myself of heavy metal poisoning, candida and Lyme disease. I no longer have insomnia. (Those who don’t sleep for weeks on end know how wonderful conquering this was)

So in short I control the Celiac and MTHFR by diet of course, I don’t take asthma meds (which I never thought would happen since I was very severe) My psoriasis is under control (unless I eat gluten) my arthritic psoriasis stays under control, my hyperglycemia is great and well I am looking forward to great news on my cyst and adenoma on my next MRI visit.

Do I still get sick? Yes and no.

The last two colds that have gone around, I have gotten a tinge. I felt it but it was so mild I didn’t slow down. (Remember me before I would get sick if I walked by someone with the sniffles and be on the couch for two weeks) I have had an asthma attack but it was so short and mild it was like a tap on the shoulder vs a slap in the face. My blood sugar sometimes goes low when I have a bad diet but there is oil for that. My celiac and MTHFR along with Colitis all flare up if I eat gluten but funny thing is I use to be doubled over in pain, totally confused and out of sorts, now that my body is healed and I have oils to fall back on Its just like getting an upset tummy. My arthritic psoriasis was so bad I barely could pick up a cup of coffee, but now I keep inflammation down. Plus my face use to hurt so bad my scalp itch so intense I would just cry, that is now all handled and kept to a minimum. (Note: when I say eat gluten, I mean by accident or cross contamination. Gluten slowly kills me; I would never eat it on purpose)

What all do I do? Well mainly I take the vitamins. They are what keeps me healthy every day and then when things flare up or I get into something I shouldn’t like gluten I have oils to back me up. And of course there are the oils just for the little things like scrapes and a good night’s rest which I have really enjoyed. Oils for headaches, bloating, and just about everything else.

Here is another benefit. I started frankincense on my face for psoriasis and it does wonders for keeping my face looking young. With illness one ages fast………..but with my oils I have gotten so many “no way” or “you have to be kidding” when I tell them my age. Just a great side effect, young looking skin.

Some ask me if it’s expensive and I will say yes. But you know what so are doctor bills. I can show you all of mine. We could have bought 5 new cars within the last two years alone on what I have spent in doctors/hospital bills. In the last three months I have seen one doctor for a routine checkup and update and no hospital procedures. That alone has paid for my oils. So I save money by spending on oils.

Set up is confusing and expensive but so worth the investment.

I would love to show the world how to be happier, healthier and just be able to enjoy life again.

What about you?

Can I show you how to live healthier and happier?

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