New Years Resolutions?

How many of you made new years resolutions?  (raising hand)  How many of you have already failed (raising hand) How many of you will keep trying all year-long even though you fail/failed? (raising hand and jumping up and down)

Each year is the same old thing, husband asks what are your new years resolutions?  Each year its the same thing.  Loose the weight and get healthy.  I have had the same resolution for 24 years now.  Last year I did lose the weight, so this year I get to add something new.  I want to lose more weight and keep the weight off. (although I lost I gained about 5 back) and the healthy part well I wasn’t the healthiest in 2011 but I just had a surgery that I hope will make 2012 a very healthy year.    In addition to the usual lose weight, get healthy I want to really work on taking dairy and soy along with the already out gluten.  I feel I need to.  If I expect my son to be gluten/dairy/soy free shouldn’t I be also for support?  My family was there for my daughter and I when we were diagnosed celiac and had to take out gluten.  Of course out side of the home they ate what ever they liked but inside the home was a safe place where all was gluten-free. (visions of willy wonka came racing to my head with little munchkins running through a gluten-free playland of food. too much coffee for me today?)   Now taking dairy away from my family would be a prison sentence to them so I won’t do it to them but I do vow to try my hardest (no promises) to be totally gluten/dairy/soy free.   I also want to continue and work more on being sugar-free.   I hope to post most recipes on that too.

so what were your resolutions this year?   What ever it is you can do it, I know you can.   but if you don’t, its okay enjoy the little slip but get right back on board with it so at the end of this year you can be proud of all you accomplished.  took me 24 years to accomplish one, I am a slow learner but I never gave up I kept the same goal til I completed it.   not the best example but I know you will do better!

Blessings for a wonderful 2012, Mine has started out just wonderful!


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