Patriotic Jello Jigglers

I have always wanted to make multi-colored jigglers, not sure why.  I think they just look prettier and are more fun to eat.   I have also wanted to make the jello parfait cups with the fancy whipped cream in the middle of the layers.   In any case I decided to do jigglers for the 4th of July.

You know me I am always saying how easy it is to make your own jello.   On most occasions I will make my own but I wanted these to pop, to stand out, to stand for America!  (feel free to burst in to America the Beautiful or any song like it)    but I still had to figure out how to make the white layer using no dairy. hmmmmmm   my solution, I made homemade condensed coconut milk.

11Don’t these look good?

Red Layer – 1 box of of red jello (your choice of flavor) mixed with 1.25 cups of water.   stir until dissolved and place into a cake baking pan.  You want your layers to be thin or you will get a really thick piece of jello.  place in fridge.  don’t let set 100%

White layer – Take one can of coconut milk and pour off the watery liquid.  you should be left with a pretty large amount of coconut.   If you don’t have a large amount then pour the whole can into a sauce pan.   add 1/2 cup to 1 cup of sugar (depends how sweet you want it, but really 1/2 is plenty)   simmer this until it gets thicker looking (stirring almost constantly) and reduces down to 1 cup of coconut milk.   Take two envelopes of knox gelatin and pour in 1 cup of water dissolve.  then mix in the cooled coconut milk.

check your first layer make sure it is almost set but not all the way.  you want your finger to bounce off the top a bit but not so much its rubbery.  make sure your white layer is not to hot that it will melt your first layer.   gently and I mean gently pour the white over the red layer.  Put back into the fridge to set most of the way.

Blue layer – take one box of blue jello (cringe oh the food dye) and add 1.25 cups of water and dissolve.  this you will add once the white layer is almost all set again pouring very gently.

Place all back into the fridge to let set 100% then cut.  they are a magnificent site on a plate, the colors just boomed and it just screamed America!    okay you can do any color you want and have it scream anything you want but the layered jigglers were so cute I am going to start making this a holiday treat and playing with all my colors.   Natural colors next time since I found out jut how easy this was to do.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

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