Sisters Three Gluten Free Bread

I was originally a test subject for their bread.  I am so glad I was.  I never have been able to master bread and I probably never will so I am glad that Sisters Three came along.  When I tested their product I put it through the ringer.   I give honest straight forward critiques of everything I try.   And I was extra tough on this since it was bread.   You can read my testimonial on their website listed under Eagle River.   I played with this every way I could, monkey bread, letting it sit on the counter (that was the hardest test; not eating it)

Let me start out by saying, I read the ingredients on their packaging and I am like it’s nothing special.  Normal mix, (its gluten/dairy/soy free for those who need this like me) but you whip this up and you smell fresh bread dough.  I can’t explain it because I get this with no other bread mixes and I have tried a lot.  I smell bread dough, it mixes like bread dough and it tastes like bread dough, I leave some in the bowl every time to just to eat the bread dough.

It makes wonderful loaves of bread, I have dinner rolls in the oven as we speak.  I just rolled them into balls and placed on a greased cookie sheet and put into a warm oven to rise and I have the most beautiful rolls like you would get at a bakery.

I might add that I change how I make it just a little.   they say add shortening and water.  I am not a shortening fan becuase of the soy so I use earth balance soy free butter and I use almond milk or coconut milk.    Dang its good.

I am sad only about one thing with their bread mix………………that is that I just used my last bag and I am really kind of depressed about that.  I use it sparingly because I do enjoy it so much and I would just be plumb spoiled if I made it all the time.  I wish I could but being on a budget I do have to watch my luxury items and this is pure luxury.   the smell is amazing right now in my house…..Dinner please hurry up I want a big fat soft buttery roll.


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  1. Tracy Dixon says:

    Depending on where you get it, Spectrum Palm Shortening might be cheaper than the EB. Is the bread egg free, or can it be made that way?

  2. glutenfreealaska says:

    I like the buttery taste of the Earth Balance, makes it very rich tasting like the buttery rolls my momma could make. Sisters Three does say egg subs work, I just can’t verify that for you since I have never personally tried it that way.

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