So Delicious Cashew Ice Cream

So Delicious ice cream is a staple in my house, mainly due to past dairy allergies.   Now we are all able to have dairy again in moderation but we still keep our old habits of So Delicious almond milk and the coconut ice creams.

Recently I found the new cashew milk ice cream and I was so excited.  I had heard that it is much richer and thicker but I have yet to play around with the milk and other products, which I plan on doing soon.

On this particular day our family was having vacation withdrawals.  Our vacation made several stops to a local DQ store and well we needed more ice cream to help us wean off the vacation blues.

This was our haul from the store.


My son was wanting cookie dough so we got him the gluten-free cookie dough (btw they could use more dough in their recipe as it was severely lacking in that department, sad……) I got a salted caramel cashew milk ice cream and it was divine.   It was so rich, creamy, thick, and almost too sweet to eat the whole container.   I said almost, I did finish it but I was the last one to finish as it was just so rich and I had two cups of coffee to go with it.

I am impressed, it is heads above in taste and quality of the coconut milk ice cream.   I love both don’t get me wrong I was just very impressed how much closer to real ice cream the cashew milk ice cream was.

Now I am headed to get some cashew milk and try some baking projects.

or maybe just another carton of cashew milk  ice cream and a good movie………………..

or I could do both?

hmmm too many choices.

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