Tuna Noodle Veggie Bowls

This is an amazing dish when it is not too cold or too hot out.   The dish is served almost room temperature once everything is tossed together.    It was a great start to our new healthy eating plan with about 431 calories per bowl depending on all you want to add in.

The basics you will need:

8 ounces pasta (elbow, spiral, broken up fettuccini)
2 carrots julienned
1 red/orange/yellow bell pepper (your choice) thinly sliced
1/4 cup olive oil
2 TBSP red wine vinegar
1 shallot (1/2 if it’s a really large shallot)
1 tsp tarragon
12 ounces tuna in water, drained
1/4-1/2 cup parmesan cheese for topping
salt, pepper, crushed red chili flakes

Cook pasta using a large pan and salted water.   Once pasta is almost done (still crunchy) dump your julienned carrots into the boiling water of pasta.   Once pasta is done drain.

While pasta and carrots are cooking you can make your sauce using a large bowl.  Combined the oil, vinegar, shallot, tarragon, salt, and pepper.  Set aside.

Take your drained pasta/carrots and add to a large mixing bowl adding the thinly sliced peppers and the drained tuna.  Drizzle the sauce over the top and toss to combine.

Serve in bowls and top with parmesan cheese.   You can add salt and pepper or crushed chili peppers according to your taste.


At first, we were thinking this was such a light dish that we would surely be back snacking after a couple of hours but it was very filling and satisfying.   It was light and robust and we didn’t go away from the table feeling stuffed or heavy which we thought we might with the pasta.   Overall we enjoyed the dish.  In the future, I might play with adding more vegetables for my husband.  I have to watch my greens so I can’t play too much with it for myself.




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