Very Unique Meatloaf

Looking to find a good meatloaf recipe that didn’t take ketchup or sugars or too many preservatives was getting frustrated and we wanted it to be as healthy as possible with our new style of eating so I came up with the following recipe.   First few bites I saw strange and confused looks on the families face and they admitted that it was nothing like what they expected, however the more bites they took the better they enjoyed it.   I am not a meat eater, no way no how, but I really enjoyed this meal.   Pair it with mashed cauliflower (mock mashed potatoes)  and veggies are in the meat but you can always add more on the side if you wish.

1 large onion minced ~ 1 red bell pepper minced ~

Place them in a food processor (I tend to mince the veggies in my meatloaf so picky kids don’t pick things out or complain too much) and mince fairly fine.   Drain off the excess juice (don’t pat dry you want moister).

add the veggies to a big bowl and add:

1 tsp sea salt ~ 1 tsp black pepper ~ 1 tsp thyme ~ 1 tsp garlic powder ~ 2 Tbsp coconut oil ~1 Tbsp tomato paste ~ 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce.

Mix that all up very well.

Add in 2 large eggs or an egg substitute.   I used ener-G egg replacer due to egg allergies.

then add in 1 lb chicken sausage (no added sugar) and 1 lb of ground turkey or chicken.

I just got all in the bowl and mixed with my hands to get it all combined very well.    Then plopped it into a pan and topped with the remainder of tomato paste.

bake at 325 for 90 minutes.    after an hour you are going to want to suck out some of the grease.  Due to the sausage there will be quite a bit and if you let it sit in the grease you are going to get a very soggy loaf.


Happy eating.


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