Yeasty Donuts

When asked what I miss most being gluten free, donuts are the first thing that pops into my head. I can recreate a cake donut that is out of this world but what I miss is the light, fluffy, airy, yeasty donuts that melt in your mouth. Although I haven’t perfected it yet, I am getting close.

For months now a vision has been playing in my head of waking up in the morning and having fresh baked donuts on the table. My momma was a working mom so I always wondered how she did so much. Yes she would make donuts from scratch but on occasion she would fudge a little and make what she calls the lazy man’s donut. Basically that was just opening a can of premade biscuits and using a bottle cap to put a whole in the middle of them and then deep fry them, slap some frosting on them and oh my goodness they were good donuts.

Pilsbury made the best quick donuts.

But they don’t make a canned biscuits gluten free. (what a day that will be if they can ever figure that out). However that nagging feeling wouldn’t leave so I finally had an idea in the middle of the night about making my own. Good idea but how. Sunflour Mills makes some of the most amazing mixes so I decided to use their mix. In the end I went with the Pizza/french bread mix although I am going to go back and try the bread mix too.

I mixed everything up according to box directions. 1st problem is that gluten free dough has a very different texture than the elastic stretchy gluten dough so I was stopped in my tracks at this point until I remembered momma always made donut holes that we would eat while we waited for our “real” donut. I used a tablespoon dipped in oil and scooped a little dough and put it right into the deep fryer. It was hard waiting for them to turn golden brown but they did and once slightly cooled, I rolled in a glaze and topped it with sprinkles. Every donut needs sprinkles.

Totally amazing!

1st off you want to eat these babies warm and fresh because well gluten free is just better that way. First bite was doughy and yeasty and although it wasn’t as light and airy as the biscuits I remembered it gave me the taste sensation and took me back to my childhood. It is the yeasty smell and taste I miss most from donuts and this just hit the spot.

My son devoured 1/2 the donuts and I devoured the other 1/2 and let me tell you, a box made a whole lot of holes!!!! basically we ate the equivalent of a pizza slathered in glaze and sprinkles for breakfast. How fun is that?

Here are some amazing photos of our donuts.

Finally I always have to leave some food and try it the next day. If I have enough I try to stretch it over a week just to see how long it will hold up but let’s be real, we are talking donuts and I am lucky I had some for the next day. As with any GF item they were not as fresh, definately not something you want to make the night before for the best freshness but warm them in the microwave and they were spongy and yeasty even if they were a slight bit denser than freshly made.

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