110 Grill, Saugus MA

I saved the best for last, although it is hard to say best; Every place we ate in the Boston MA area was super amazing and I didn’t have one place that I didn’t enjoy or that I had a reaction to. However this place  was sooooo good that we went twice.   the only place we made it a point to visit twice.

110 Grill was a busy place with nice big tables to eat at, and you needed it because once again MA did not disappoint on the portions of food you got!   The reason this warranted two visits was we got a full menu of GF options.   They are recognized by AllergyEats as a top ten allergy friendly restaurant.  Our first visit we sat right by the kitchen, we watched them make everything! which is why we went back because we saw the food coming out of the kitchen and we we just wanted more.    When they get an allergy order, it is made in a separate area, they change all gloves and certain people watch it from start to finish to make sure it avoids all cross contamination.  I have never felt so safe about my food as I did here.   When it came time to order dessert the two non gluten free people ordered something to share, the waitress (Kelly) was like I will put this in as and allergy item so if you want to taste it you know it will be safe.  and yes I did reach over and take a bite of my husbands food so I am glad she did that.   It was naturally gluten free but when there isn’t an allergen tag it is made in the same kitchen as other foods containing gluten.   You just have to go look at the menu to understand why this place is amazing.   I was sad to see there is no location near me although they have several location along the east coast area.

I can’t even explain all the food we saw go by and the choices you get as a gluten free diner, its just so much.   I did almost cry when she was explaining that the full menu I held in my hands was gluten free and how they prepare it.   Lots of businesses can tell you they are careful but I literally watched the kitchen, I know they are.   

I won’t go on and on, I will just show you some amazing photos of the food.

if you have one in your area, run…… I almost wish I could open a chain in AK, I loved it so much although I am sure the portions would have to shrink here because I will say it again, MA likes to feed you.  I have never had so much food in my life served to me as I did on my vacation to the Boston MA area.

110 Grill you get the gold star for making my trip amazing.   I ate good. I loved all the places I went, but these guys were the cherry on top!

BTW the dessert (peanut butter cascade); I could live on it.   This was the happiest my teste buds have ever been I think.


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