Kanes Donuts, Gluten Free Boston

The Kane’s Donuts we went to was in Saugus but they are all over the Boston Area.   As I was getting the website for this post I found that they will ship GF donuts to me, that was a dangerous thing to learn.  I will probally not do that, the whole lure of this for me was to go to a donut shop and sit down like everyone else and have a donut and cup of coffee. 

It was a cute little place, busy and at first I saw the price (of course there was also tax) I almost said no, but then I thought about it and was like I am on vacation I dreamed of this since learning they had this shop to go and sit down and eat a donut with my family.   So I ignored the price and had two of them, my son had two and went back for a third.

My first donut was a chocolate glazed which was a yellow cake type donut with chocolate frosting. One bite and I was like OH MY.  I can’t even begin to explain it.  It was a cake donut (not raised) but it was light, airy and oddly mesmerizing.  I was a little taken aback at how good it was.  My next donut was a chocolate butter crunch which was a chocolate cake donut and it was a dark chocolate which I did not enjoy.   I only ate half of that because it was too chocolatey and I was a little full, these were big donuts.   The gluten donuts had a lot better variety and it made me really sad that the gf didn’t have the same flavors.     

Yes they were good,  Yes they were mega expensive and Yes it was worth it to sit and have donuts like everyone else but would I do it again?   probally not, too rich for my blood or maybe I would.   It was fun but the price still gets to me. ($4-4.75 each)   I do have to figure out how they cooked them and make my own like that tough.   

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