Legal Seafoods, Boston MA

After another full day out walking in the windy streets of Boston we found ourselves on the wharfs.   Tired and windblown we stumbled upon Legal Sea Foods.   We must have looked a mess after being in gloves and hats all day long and not to mention dead on our feet from walking all day long but they welcomed us in and the entire staff was great.   They had awesome energy that I can only equate to this is how Boston Rolls, I am not sure I could keep up more than a week the energy here was just overwhelming.   

At this point on our journey I knew that no matter where I went I was going to get a huge portion of food and great quality allergy free food.   Legal Sea Foods did not disappoint.   This is the first place where my son did not devour everything although he tried, they started us out with bread so that alone was filling (yes gluten free rolls as we waited for the rest of our food).  Espresso must be popular in Boston because I came across the same issue but they did make me some coffee.  We started out with fried Squid.  Oh my goodness you don’t get things like that gluten free very often. We also got clams and andouille, fish and chips and crab cake sliders.   All of this gluten free.  It was hard to comprehend having so much fried foods from a restaurant.   We originally went in for clam chowder but I don’t remember now if it wasn’t gluten free or if we just found so much more that was that we went a different direction.  Doesn’t matter what we did have was amazing.   The fryers are all dedicated as well so there is no cross contamination issues.   They took great care of us and when dessert rolled around we were not going to say no so we opted for the bon bons and we each chose a flavor of choice.   

We literally waddled out, bellies full of good food and two bags worth of left overs.  I don’t know how Boston isn’t the city of obesity we safely ate and ate and ate so well on our trip.

We really wanted to come back to this place as well but we found even more places to safely eat after this.


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