BenCotto, Boston MA

This is a true gem we found after another one of our walking tours in Boston.  Most of my posts for Boston are going to include how cold I was.   Yes I am from Alaska, but Boston’s wind factor was just brutal and when you are surrounded by sky high buildings the sun don’t shine on those walking below.

We stumbled into BenCotto after our tour guide suggested it as a great place to find gluten free. The place was packed full and a bit crowded but with good reason.  The atmosphere was relaxed although a bit loud, I felt like a true Boston Native raising my voice to be heard but when that food came there was very little talking going on.   I asked for suggestions since some of the varieties of pizza’s were odd sounding to me but I ended up with a rustic prosciutto pizza.   Great choice by the way.  It was a sweet/salty/savory/delicious pizza.   My son had the Margherita pizza and ate every last bit of it before I finished half of mine.  Our pizzas were made on different pizza pans to avoid cross contamination which made me feel a lot safer.  My daughter ate gluten lobster ravioli and I could see from her face that it was delicious.  I could see big lumps of lobster in every bite she took.   I was mighty jealous but also very happy we all got a safe, satisfying, delicious meal.  My son thought it was pretty neat when they came with a wedge of cheese and grated it right onto our food, that was pretty fun.  Over all we had a great time and great food.

They didn’t have coffee but they made some espresso for me and was able to turn it into a nice latte type drink.   When places go above and beyond to make you happy they will always get a kudos from me, and having a good coffee (I’m not an espresso drinker) always makes my day.

The portions at this place were just as big and yummy.  We took leftovers home again except for my son, he seemed to devour everything almost everywhere we went.  The pizza was just as good the next day heated up for breakfast. 


I recommend this place for a safe dining experience.

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