Walking Tour in Boston, Mysteries of Victorian Boston by Michael

If you are ever in Boston (I know this is not food related but it was literally the best part of Boston) you have to take this walking tour. He will find you amazing places to eat afterwards. Reach him at this site or this site .We went on 3 walking tours none compared to Michael.
My daughter booked this and didn’t tell me the nature of the tour, I thought I was just going to learn about the history of Boston and that I did. It was some of the most amazing architecture and we got up close and personal to it. That in itself was engaging but it was the tour guide Michael, he talked to us and asked questions and I really thought this was a guy who was interested in murders etc. so I was intrigued but baffled at first. Around 10 minutes in he had me so engaged that I could have walked 50 miles just to listen to him. He brings things alive in a way I can’t even explain. It is like you are there seeing this all go down. (I would like to point out it is not gory or scary in a way that would scare older kids, contact Michael for age appropriate range) As we walked and learned it slowly got dark and street lights started coming on and the darker it got the more intense it got and I was following him like a magnet to metal as he immersed us in history. I won’t give it away because you just have to do this tour. We sat at our final destination and throughout it all (I get paranoid) he could have been leading us to a bad place but I was so engaged that I didn’t care. This was my first night in Boston and he made it spectacular. At the End it was like an explosion of discovery as he put it all together. With everything I did in Boston this had to be the best, My thoughts went back to the wonderful time I had the first night over and over. If I go back I will do it again and again and again.
Michael was the start to all my amazing food finds in Boston. Not only did I have a great time I had great food my whole family couldn’t stop talking about that night the whole trip.
Sorry I didn’t get photos.   I was engaged almost immediately and photo taking didn’t even cross my mind, you can see a few photos on his airbnb site.  
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