The Elephant Walk, South End

After an amazing walking tour filled with mystery and excitement, (tour info) our tour guide  found us a few places to safely eat.   This was our first night in Boston so I was very thankful that he was able to suggest several places but we wanted to try something new so we chose Cambodian and French cuisine and believe me, we were not disappointed because the food was amazing!  The Elephant Walk South End turned out to be a great choice and had our schedule not been so busy and all over the state I could have come back many times.

We were frozen from the Boston wind that cut through you like a knife, so the waiter went out of his way to heat my cup before he poured the coffee  so my drink would be extra hot.  I am an Alaska Gal through and through but Boston was just a different kind of cold and I think the waiter could see that on my face.   Just the little extra effort he made really melted my heart and I give the establishments two thumbs up even without tasting the food. (the food kicked it up to two thumbs and 8 fingers, two high fives for extra care taken)  The amazement didn’t stop with the extra care, we ordered mostly new things we never heard of  except for my son, and our jaws literally dropped at the amount of food you got! At first glance we were stunned at the uniqueness of the food and then at the amount.    Boston really knows how to feed you.   I thought it was a fluke but trust me when I say Boston loves their food and loves to give you good portions.  We definitely got a to-go bag even though we still ordered dessert, how could we not, they were all GF except one.  We found everything to be sharing size except the dessert.   We ended up just ordering 1 and regretted it as we all wanted a full piece. 


This amazing meal was after they were nice enough to let us in without a reservation and they were super patient when we couldn’t decide as there were so many choices.


I 100% recommended them for a safe place to eat gluten and dairy free.

I had a Hubbard squash soup and somehow the photo got deleted.   It was even larger than the other bowl pictured.

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