Luccianos HN

This was a cute little place in Londonderry, NH.  At first glance it is located in a strip mall and we hesitated to go in as we were celebrating a pretty big event.   We were all dressed up for my daughters graduation and we wanted a nicer place.  I heard great things about this place and I really wanted to go so we decided to try it.   We entered and as we waited we saw the most amazing desserts, my heart sank as none were labeled gluten free.   I was here for my daughter so I was happy she would get something at least so we sat down with our menus.   My heart sank deeper because I also came for my son who only wanted gluten free mozzarella sticks on this trip and I thought I had done my research and read this was the place to go.  With deep darkness in my heart I asked if there was anything we could eat,  The waitress was super enthusiastic and gave us two gluten free menus and then told us that everything in the case up front was gluten free.  I apologize if I was a sourpuss when I came in but my heart was just sunk until she showed us everything we could eat.  My family teased me I had been in Boston too long and had a bit of an attitude but trust me my heart melted once I saw the GF menu.

This was a gem to find.   Luccianos (and you have to say that with an Italian accent) was amazing.  We started out with two orders of mozzarella sticks and the two gluten eaters grabbed theirs (2 each) and I grabbed one which was a mistake because that left my son with 7 on the plate next to us and he ate them all.     

We then got some rolls with some dipping oil.  My son thought this was the coolest thing and he doused his GF roll.  It was good and I was pleased I got a GF roll as well since I usually have to watch everyone else eat while I wait for my GF entrĂ©e.   Entrees were great. I had the tortellini and my son opted for a pizza.  The meal was great an just like MA, I found the NH also likes to feed people.  it must be an East Coast thing.   The food was great but I was super excited to get to that full case of desserts.   My son had the cookie and my daughter and I had the cheese cake.   these things were seriously so big I think it could be shared amongst 4 people.   We took them home as leftovers and It took me three days to finish eating a little bit each night.   I love my sweets, but these were huge and rich and you just couldn’t binge eat it and I have downed a tub of frosting in one setting before so you know I am not a weakling with sweets. 

This turned out to be an amazing place to eat.    Sadly we were only in NH for one day but that day was fabulous.

I took more photos here than anywhere mainly because my heart and soul loves sweets and by far they had the most choices.


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