Almond Bark / Peppermint Bark

almond bark

Growing up every Christmas my momma would make these. As kids we would pound the candy canes into little bite size pieces smelling the fragrant aroma of the peppermint.

I remember watching momma as she melted the white candy over a double boiler and thinking I hope I am a good cook like her one day. I have been gone from her home for 25 years and believe it or not I have never attempted these two things, one out of respect as it was her candy and she just made it so good and two no need to as my dear husband is not a sweet eater and besides momma always sent me some when she made it. This year I was really missing momma, she went home to be with the Lord in 2001 and with my sweet memories I dedicated this Christmas to her and her love of baking. I hate baking but she loved it so this year I embraced it.

Looking at the candy coatings, almond bark, melting chips etc I did notice that some had ingredients that were questionable for gluten so please be very careful when following this recipe to make sure that you have a gluten-free base.

I took one package of vanilla candy coating and 1 bag of white chocolate chip morsels and split it into two batches. I heated the 1st batch on slow low heat as not to scorch the candy coating/white chocolate chips and melted it till it was nice and creamy. For the almonds I poured in an 12 oz can of sea salted roasted almonds, (you can adjust to more or less according to taste) then spread it on parchment paper in a thin layer. For the peppermint I did the same thing, melted the candy/chips and added 10 crushed candy canes spreading on parchment paper.

It takes about an hour or two to dry. you then break it into pieces and enjoy.

It was as good as I remembered. Oh make sure you lick the spoon and pan as this stuff is delicious when warm as well. Waste not want not my momma always taught me and this especially applies when baking.

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