Cool Trick, bottled frosting

I will be posting more recipes later on but wanted to share this cool trick with you. I saw in the store little bottles of frosting (in large glue bottles) and I thought that was neat. Easy decorating but they cost $10 for three little colors. I hopped onto Pinterest and of course the idea was all over the place. So finding my own craft bottles at Wal-Mart for $1.50 for two I got 6 of them and made my own frosting. Filling the bottles with my colors and with ingredients that I knew were okay to ingest.

1st problem I saw was that the kids had to shake the bottles every time they used them to get the frosting down to the tip so we fixed that by putting the bottles upside down in cups. This gave us perfect frosting flow each time.

Only other problem was that we had a ton of frosting left over because it was so easy to decorate a cookie we didn’t have globs of frosting on the cookies like normal but neat fun designs and lines of frosting.

This was an absolutely amazing idea that I will be using every year. Simple enough for my 7 year old to handle with ease and delicate enough for my two artistic kids to really personalize their cookies. Especially good for writing on cookies like my 18 year old discovered as she wrote “join or die” no I don’t know what that means but it caused quite the laughter in my family, I think it is a reference to a movie. Who knows they were intoxicated with way too much sugar at that point!

Do try this trick next time you decorate your cookies!

frosting bottles

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