Alyssa’s Cookies – Review

Have you tried any of Alyssa’s Cookies? If you haven’t I recommend them highly. Recently my husband found these and brought them home for me, (altogether now, awwwww) which was sweet but what he didn’t know is that he started a world class addiction to the Vegan Bites. I could eat a container a day if left alone unattended but since these babies cost me $7.99 for a small box of small cookies I restrain my self for the time being to 2 cookies a day. These are my treats, what I work for all day, my calgon bath so to speak. I think I would even give up a cup of coffee right now for them, but I won’t because sometimes one just has to spoil themselves and well I am.

I have only had the Vegan Cookies, which is fine with me, those are the ones I love although I wouldn’t mind trying the other flavors if I find them. At 7.99 a container I may just have to save up and get a shipment since they are much cheaper online at their website.

Here is my favorite cookie, I just love the ingredients:

Healthy Vegan Bites are gluten free, NON-GMO, high in fiber, low net carbs, made with organic and natural ingredients. They are made without added sugar, sweetened only with chicory root fiber that is known to help keep insulin spikes under control. Ingredients: whole oats, oat flour, oat bran, flax seeds, chia seeds, organic cranberries, organic coconut flakes, dates, black currants, almonds, chicory root fiber, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic palm fruit oil, psyllium husk, cinnamon, vanilla, filtered water, baking soda, natural flavors. (the container states gluten free oats)

The cookie itself is small but it is packed with a lot of flavor and goodness. I suppose it is a good thing they are expensive as I could get into some serious trouble eating these all up all the time.

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