Taco Themed Cupcakes

I just fell in love with these little tacos to put on top of cupcakes and they fit perfectly with the theme I wanted to go with for our first week back to bible study “Let’s Taco bout God’s amazing Love” I saw these on the internet so I did not create the idea but I did figure out how to put them together on my own, sadly the recipes online kept using too many gluten ingredients so I just went out on my own to create it with things I had after I got the basic idea. Its super simple and I am sure you can sub what ever you have at home as long as they fit the theme.

They are simple but they are time consuming.

First I had to shave my cookies so that they had a flat bottom. This way I could fit them together like a taco. I tried to stick a whole cookie into the cupcake which didn’t work so well as you have to have them at an angle not to mention they would get soggy and probably fall over before the get-together. Breaking them didn’t work either, they kept breaking uneven so I got out my shaver and just shaved them down. (I did save the crumbs and put them in the freezer until I have another project for them, they would be perfect dirt or sand) I had a few casualties but my son was more than happy to get rid of them for me.

cookie crumbs, waste not want not.

This is where it got time consuming. I found a single bar of candy coating in the pantry and I melted that down. I then put a small dab of cookie filling (by the way I took all the filling out of the cookies of course) like you would clay and angled my cookies in the shape of a taco, I then drizzled a small amount of candy coating right in the middle. When this dries it holds the cookie halves together so they don’t break when transferred to the cupcake.

After you have all the cookies set up and they are set/dry you can start the filling. For the ground beef I took chocolate cookies and crushed them up and added a bit of chocolate frosting. Don’t add too much frosting as you want it to keep a chunky look. You can mix it with a fork sort of like what you would do with a crumb topping for a cobbler.

using your spoon, scoop out a small portion and gently place in your cookie taco. If you push it down too hard you may break your cookie so use care. doesn’t have to fit the crevice perfectly you just have to make it look like it does by coming out all the way to the edge of the cookies. You also don’t want too much that it comes out the top as you have more ingredients to add.

The hard part is done! Now add your lettuce which is coconut dyed green. You just simply put a few sprigs of it on top of your taco meat. After your lettuce you take red dot candies and add a few for the tomatoes and then yellow sprinkles for the cheese. I suggest finding just yellow sprinkles, this took me forever hand picking them out of colored ones, but I wanted to use what I had.

The final touch is the sour cream on top. You really need this as it holds it all together. I took a little frosting and a little of the candy melt and heated it so it was runny. I used a toothpick to drizzle over the top of the taco. This hardens and holds it in place a little better than it all being loosely placed on top. It also just ties the whole taco together!

Place on top of a cupcake, cake or cookie (plate shaped cookie)or just serve as is, depending on what they are for. Mine are a full snack/dessert so I am putting them on a simple cupcake.

I was exhausted but these are going to be so cute at my gathering. This would be a great project to include the kids in, I wish I had mine at home to pick out all the yellow sprinkles. 🙂

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  1. Ann says:

    Your creativity and problem-solving skills and perseverance are amazing. The taco cupcakes turned out super cute!

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