Baked Eggs!

Do you get tired of hard boiled eggs where the shell sticks on tighter than a 15 year old girls pants?   Do you hate that dark gray area around your yolk?  do you hate a rubbery egg?   I do.   I love hard boiled eggs and in the past just learned to live with the little negatives that come along with boiling………………………….until now!!/homesteading

I got the idea from here.   Awesome!   I tried it and the shell practically fell off on its own, the egg was perfect, soft, moist, delicate.   I couldn’t stop eating them.   I would be ashamed to make deviled eggs out of these because they were just so perfect.

All there is to is is to take eggs, place in muffin tins so they don’t roll put into a 325 oven for 30 minutes and enjoy.

maybe you all already mastered perfect boiled eggs but I haven’t, never have and until now probably never would have.

Off for another egg with sea salt.   mmmmmmmmmmmm


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