Cheesburger Muffins

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Cheeseburger Muffins Please!

I created a great recipe (not original I know many people do this) for pic nics, camping, hungry teenagers after school, quick dinners and lunches.    These cute muffins can be made a variety of different ways.   I love these little things for so many different reasons.

Easy?   So Easy!  but wait it gets better!

use almond milk and cheese sub to make this dairy free.   Use a variety of ground meats like turkey, veal, deer, elk.   Use a variety of spices like seasoned salt and peppers.   Use a variety of cheeses like pepper jack, velveeta, and sharp cheddar.   Add tomato paste or dill pickle relish.  If you add something with a high water content, add more bisquick and if you add a lot more ingredients than the basic ingredients listed then add more bisquick, milk and eggs.

How do you think you would make your cheeseburger muffin?   How would you serve it?   I made mine for dinner but camping season is coming soon, plus pic-nics and lunches at home for busy days.   I am excited at all the possibilities with these little things.

I have not froze them as we eat them too fast but I am sure they would freeze great and thaw awesome and heat back up well.


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