Blake’s Chicken Pot Pie – Review

I recently found this new  Blake’s Chicken Pot Pie at my local grocery store.

Growing up momma would buy us pot pies for snacks, something we could just heat up after school and tide us over until she was home to cook us a real meal.    I loved it, the cheap dough,  hardly any filling, it was like eating junk food for me.  So when I found this I was hoping it would be like a cheap pot pie that had nothing but sauce, carrots and peas and maybe 2 pieces of chicken.

it says you can heat in the oven or microwave.  I used the oven but wondering if the dough would stay doughy soft in the microwave.   It has been 15 years give or take since I even had a pot pie so I can’t remember.

It came in a microwave safe bowl, I was kind of hoping for one of those old fashioned tin foil pans but this worked just the same.

I took mine out early as the edges were getting too done but the inside was a nice temperature so it was okay.

At first the texture of the filling threw me off.  It was not runny thin, it was somewhat of a thick gelatin type texture (you will have to excuse me as I am very sensitive to textures)  but after eating and inspecting it was a little thicker due to potatoes.  It was a potato starch type thickness.

That’s my biggest complaint with this product.  I do not like potatoes in my pot pie.  But on a plus side this pie was chock full of ingredients.  It wasn’t the thin mixture with just a few things in it like the old ones we use to get as kids, but rather every spoonful was full of big chunks of meat, potato, sauce and veggies.   After awhile when I came to the realization this wasn’t the cheaply made pot pie I really enjoyed it.  Look at the big chunks of meat in the above photos.

I ate all the big chunks and left my favorite, the peas and carrots and the outer crust.   now this was awesome.  I could eat this all day long.   the crust did get a little hard and chewy but it was still okay with the bottom soaked in the juices.

Over all thoughts?

Pros:  It was yummy and full of good ingredients.  I could have eaten 2 or 3 of these but it was a nice light lunch.  The flavors were spot on for a pot pie and the crust was flaky and edible.   The crust is a hard thing to do and I applaud them for a pot pie well done.

Cons: Texture was just a little off but the flavor countered that very nice and I was able to enjoy.  I did not like the potatoes at all in it, but it was a filler and I finished my meal satisfied.


I would definitely buy again given the need for a pre-made meal.

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