Cake inside Cake

Have you seen those amazing posts where people put shapes inside of their cakes?   Ever wonder how they do it and just how easy it is to do?

I have you covered, I tried it for you using gluten-free cake dough.   I was easier than I thought it would be.


Step one, Bake a cake (either dark or light) using a large bake pan so that the cake is on the thinner side or at least thin enough for a cookie cutter to go through.

Once cooled, use your cookie cutter to cut out shapes, I used a heart.    Make enough so that when you put them all in a row they fit fairly tight in a bread pan.

Step two, make another  cake (light or dark) with a contrasting colored cake batter.   Pour a small amount into a cake pan.  Take all your hearts and line them up in the pan length wise in the middle packed tight enough that they don’t fall over.

Pour or spoon the rest of your dough around the hearts and on top covering the heart middle.

Bake again, making sure you watch your sides to test for done-ness as if you insert a toothpick in the middle you will get dry cake since the cake in the middle is already cooked.

That was it,   Yes it was that simple.

I frosted and served.    Sorry about my sliced photos, this cake honestly went so fast as everyone was so tickled that they all dove in.     I will have to do this again with better photos and tweaking it so it doesn’t have to be in a loaf pan but somehow a regular cake pan.    I am working on it, but till then, try it.

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