Blueberry Jell-o Salad

Every holiday makes me think of my momma’s famous Jello Salads.   Growing up we had a lot of Jello or pudding for side dishes and it was always brought to potlucks and family gatherings.   OH don’t get me started on my grandmothers frog eye salad , I still get sick to this day thinking about it.  Other than that one, I could live on jello salads.   Today’s recipe takes me back long long ago when they use to make a Concord Grape Jello.  They don’t do that anymore, or at least I haven’t personally found it in years but I now use regular grape and it does taste almost as good.  NOT AS GOOD, mind you but almost.

Ready for a simple but yummy Jello salad?

1 envelope- Dream Whip
I can blueberry pie filling
2 small boxes of Concord Grape Jello

Make Jello with 1 cup boiling water, dissolve.   Add 14 ice cubes which I assume would be equal to 1 cup ice water.   Chill til almost set.  Make the dream whip according to directions.  To almost set Jello add the pie filling and the dream whip, folding it in until well mixed.  Put back in fridge until all the way set.   Enjoy.

Momma always used ice instead of cold water.   It is one of the many memories I have of her as she made her Jello Salads.


As you can see this is a very simple easy peasy recipe but it is so good at a potluck or gathering.    When I make Jello at home (other than Jigglers) I am the only one eating them so I get to enjoy this all to myself which is a blessing and a curse at the same time since I can devour this in a couple of days.

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