Seven Layer Salad

This is a dish I started on Easter and it became such a family favorite that one of my kids requests this for her birthday dinner every year.    This is also the only way I get some members of my family to eat their peas!

Important Note:  Make this the day before or at the least the morning of as this needs to sit in order for all the flavors to come together.

7 Layer Salad

I use a large 13×9 baking dish so amend the recipe as needed for your dish.

Layer 1:  Iceberg Lettuce, layered 1.5-2 inches thick in bottom of pan.
Layer 2: Frozen Peas, a large bag sprinkled across the lettuce. The lettuce should be covered completely.
Layer 3: Finely Chopped Onions, I mince mine in the food processor, make the thinnest layer you can but enough for flavor (about 1 sm onion).
Layer 4:  Mayonnaise, NOT miracle whip.   spread a layer fairly thick over the onions.  this takes works and best to use a spatula.
Layer 5: Sugar,  sprinkle a layer of sugar, enough so that it glistens.
Layer 6: Shredded Cheese,  Cheddar, Monterrey Jack or  your preference.   Cheese is good so make a good layer enough to cover it completely.
Layer 7: Bacon, I use the real bacon crumbles in the bags and I use two bags or 3 small jars depending on brand.  Again should be a fairly good amt.

As you can see this salad is a lot about preference.  We like the Monterrey Jack cheese and bacon so we use a good helping of it.   Also sometimes we add more sugar or a finer layer of sugar.  No matter how we make it, it always turns out yummy.    I have never had anyone turn this down or said it was awful.   I took it to a potluck full of teenagers and I had two mothers ask me for this recipe as it was the first time they had ever seen their kids enjoy and actually eat peas.   I love peas but I know some people do not and I have testimony after testimony that they will eat peas in this salad.   Not gonna lie I couldn’t have peas in my house for years (they were that hated) till I tried this recipe and it became a family favorite.

Its light, Refreshing and filling at the same time.  It is not the healthiest after all with the mayo, bacon, cheese, sugar it does have some calories but it is that amazing to look past all that.   My birthday girl  opts to go get herself a big bowl of this instead of desserts when I have this in the house.   I can’t make it often as no one will eat anything else except this until its gone.

I know my family loves it and I thought I would share it with your family too.


This is not my creation, a friend shared it with me and she most likely had it shared with her.   But everyone has their own variations, amounts and the way they put it together.   It doesn’t matter who created it, I am just glad they did and I get to enjoy it.

a few notes on recipe:  Yes Iceberg lettuce is important.  It will not get soggy like the leaf lettuce.   Yes you put the peas on frozen, trust me this helps when adding the onions and mayo.  If your peas are freezer burned and have lots of ice or what I call snow on them, drain that off first or your salad will get runny. No judging as I have done that.  I have not tried with a sugar sub like Xylitol but I know some who have and said it was fine.  I have used all types of onion, sweet, yellow, red.  I prefer the sweet best but onion choice is up to you.  And by all means if you can make your own bacon you get Kudo points.  I only did that once, it was a lot of work just for a salad.

Sorry no pictures yet I will try to get some added later.




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