Pizza Man, Review

It is no secret that my son and I love pizza.   We love it so much that every Tuesday is Pizza night.   Now I normally make my own but on occasion I love to order out.   Because most places have CC issues I have found only a few places where we can eat safely.  Pizza Man which is 3 miles away and Humdingers which is quite the drive but worth it.  Pizza Man is awesome because They deliver!  that may not be a big deal to others where they have GF pizza delivery but Pizza Man is one of the only ones I know who do delivery here in my area.

I was always happy with Pizza man but recently they told me they had a new pizza crust and that it comes in a size small instead of a personal pan size. First off, the idea of getting a thick crust pizza was a little far-fetched.  Come on we all know that most your gluten free pizza’s are the thickness of cardboard, and even sometimes tastes like it.   Then the promise of it being a small kind of had me wondering if this was real.    It was real my friends.

before you see new pictures, look at an old picture:

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Locals: Call ahead, because as I found out they sell out of these crusts fast.   It took me 4 weeks before I hit it just right where I was able to order one.  Honestly I didn’t know there was that many “gluten free” peeps in the area but there must be.  The young lady was apologetic as she explained they are having a hard time keeping them in stock because of the great demand.   After tasting it, I know why.   I bet you non gluten free people are eating these too.

Do you want to see some photos?

Is that not enough to entice you?  convince you?   make you drool?

Well lets review:

1.  The crust was so thick that we ordered two pizza’s and only ate 1/2 each so we have a full pizza left.   Usually I am left still hungry after a thin personal pan pizza.  My son could devour two personal pans.

2.  At first it was so thick I was sure it was a mistake.  I can’t remember the last time I ate such a thick pizza like that.  It was kind of like a shock to the system and I was amazed how light and fluffy and buttery and chewy it was.   But then after the second piece I could start to recognize some of the signs of gluten free.  Just slight signs to ease my mind a bit.  But let’s get this clear, it was so similar to real thick crust pizza.  It just had that Pizza Place taste, like you use to eat before going gluten free.

3. Next time I might order extra sauce and extra cheese.  Not because it wasn’t good but the crust soaked up a lot of the sauce and well who doesn’t need more cheese?  This is how you knew it was gluten free, by the way it dealt with the sauce atop it.

4.  The over all impression is, I will never order the small thin personal pan again, even if I have to keep calling to see if they have the new crust.   I hope that Pizza Man knows that and will order more of the small instead of the personal size from now on.   Albeit I don’t order all that much but this is sure a nice (very nice) treat to have when I do and I hope the crust is available when I do.

I am very happy with Pizza Man right now.   I am happy they work so hard to bring those who have no other choice, a  good gluten free food.  I appreciate the extra care they take when making it to keep the CC down so that we don’t get sick.   I just love the over all friendliness and work they put into my pizza so that my son and I can feel normal.      They gave me my first GF delivery pizza and I will never forget the feeling I had or the look on my son’s face.   (see my facebook post on that)

Thank you Pizza Man

Again…………………Thank You.



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