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What does Humdinger mean? I looked it up in many dictionaries and each one basically said “A humdinger is a remarkable or outstanding person or thing.”


What a fitting name for the most amazing eatery, which is found in Palmer, Alaska. It’s not just the food that makes this place great, from the very tip-top of the ladder all the way down this place has the most amazing people, with great attitudes, serving you the best meal possible. With its wood fire oven the whole atmosphere is cozy and rustic. The artwork on the wall changes from time to time and adds to the overall simple yet homey feel. It is 100% kid friendly yet the perfect date location. The atmosphere is so inviting, it plays a large role in why we love it so much.






We enjoy this place so much that we literally put it on our calendar to visit every summer. Any time we have visitors we always take them here and anytime I have anyone asking me about a good place to eat, Humdingers is first on my list to mention. Why?

One of the reasons is the wood fired food, did I mention that?


And just look at some of these photos:


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AND, everything is from scratch. I am not kidding when I say they work hard all day long. They even make their own marshmallows! The cookie crumbles you see under a dessert are first homemade cookies. The graham crackers are from scratch and then made into crust. The sausage is ground and seasoned and just everything you put into your mouth you will know it was all done with hard work.



Also look through the menu located here: Humdingers pizza


What makes this a great place for someone with Celiac or Gluten intolerance is the owner’s hard work. Neither he nor his family is Gluten intolerant, he purely does this out of love and concern for the Celiac/gluten allergy people. He also will help you with other dietary issues as well. My son loved his gf/df/sf pizza that they made special for him.

Since the owner can eat gluten, he works and works and works until his recipe is perfect. He can compare his GF version to the real version himself so he can taste if it’s perfect. That’s one thing I cannot do, in fact it’s been so many years since I ate a real cracker I am not sure if I would know if I found a GF version that tastes the same. But He can, and he does.


IMG_6931 CKAAg7kUMAAgJsD CaU_jjPUAAg_7Y5 10443672_604902512944663_7281343376742372223_n


Did I mention they use a wood fire to bake their foods, and let me tell you it puts out some yummy pizza!


They have sodas and drinks for the whole family. I love the bottomless soda and then switching over to coffee with my dessert, which I usually get two different ones, just because I rarely get good GF desserts.


This place has it all, gluten free appetizers, gluten free salads, pizzas and best of all dessert. And it’s not the old yucky cardboard pizza or the bland appetizers or the tasteless desserts that I so often find from other places that just want to put something out for us because they have to or they think they are doing us auto immune/allergy people a favor. None of that here, after talking with the owner there is genuine care and respect for us and he is there for us out of a humble spirit.

IMG_6922 IMG_6927 IMG_6932 IMG_6931

So in conclusion:

You just have to go try this out yourself.

The food is great whether you need to be gluten free or not and the atmosphere is just welcoming. I could sit and watch the wood fire all day long.



I have only gone during the day but one of these nights I would love to pop in when it’s dark outside and enjoy great food and watch the fire and just enjoy.


THEY CATER!    can you imagine a full gluten free catering?   Can you imagine a pizza catering? Humdingers is just AMAZING like that!



Thank you Humdingers for the wonderful job you do.


Thoughts?   My thoughts are, I need some more gluten free food from Humdingers.


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