Simply Balanced Gluten Free Mac & Cheese – Review

I was a die-hard Kraft macaroni and cheese fan, but with Celiac disease I have not been able to enjoy a box in the last 11 years other than by accident which is a whole story in itself!

I have tried every brand, every recipe everything I could possibly do to have a taste similar to what I remember Kraft being like.  I have even bought the “Kraft cheese” powders from online sources.  I have literally tried everything.

But……….check this out!

I found Simply Balanced Gluten Free Macaroni and Cheese at target today.   My heart skipped a beat, especially since it was $1.69 a box.    That is not a typo, it was $1.69 a box.  Due to the price I was skeptical and figured it was a cheap box of noodles with tasteless cheese sauce.  By the way cheapest I have found other boxes to be were $4.89 a box and that was on sale.



While the water was heating up, I looked it over.   What???? long thin noodles just like Kraft.  My heart did another skip and I got a little giddy.


I boiled them until tender and I tasted one,   They were pretty good.  My heart started getting real excited.


I opened the cheese package and sunk just a little.  It wasn’t as orange as Kraft but I am sure Kraft uses so much food dye to get it to look a bright orange for better appeal to the eater.    I wasn’t discouraged.   I added my butter and milk and stirred it up and much to my surprise!!!!!



It was creamy.  The sauce stayed on the noodles unlike all the other boxes I tried where the sauce just didn’t adhere to the noodles at all.  It looked creamy, it looked dreamy, it was hot and steamy and I was ready to taste it.


I was speechless for a long while.   This was a cheesy, creamy, delicious bowl of Gluten Free Macaroni and cheese.  This by FAR is the best boxed mac and cheese I have ever tasted in my 11 years of being gluten free.

My only complaint is the box says 2.5 servings, but this literally makes 1.5 cups of mac and cheese which to me is one serving although I managed to put some away to share with my fellow celiac daughter who also said this was amazing!

Heading back to target to buy all they have!!!!!!!!!

Not kidding!

I had stopped eating Macaroni and cheese on a regular basis because I was never happy with what I got for the price.   I will eat this weekly, It was that good!

You have to try this.

Not an exact Kraft replacement but by far the best there is.


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