Sweet Loren’s GF Cookies Review

Found these Sweet Loren’s Cookies at my Fred Meyers Store the other day for $4.89.    I always try something once if it isn’t outrageously priced.


There were 12 pre-made frozen cookies in the package.

You just throw them on a cookie sheet and bake

(someone stole a cookie before I could even get my camera out)

It was as simple as that.  I like simple things.  But how did it taste?

We made all 12 because if we are going to taste test some cookies we are going to do it right.    My son and I followed the directions exactly and although we were concerned at first that the cookies seemed to hold their ball shape we were surprised at the end that they finally relaxed a little and spread out.  Not a big flat cookie like you would find from a box mixed but a very sturdy, thick, dense cookie.

We taste tested each one through out a 2 hour long movie and from the first cookie to the last cookie (although he got 7 and I got 5) we enjoyed every bite.   First thing I like to test is the grittiness that usually comes with gluten free.  This cookie had none.  The over all chocolate to cookie ratio was actually very good and some cookies were just oozing with gooey thick chocolate.   Like I mentioned they were fairly thick yet they maintained their soft gooey goodness which was surprising.   The thickness and gooey yummy-ness was actually spot on.  the over all taste was amazing.   It was a really good taste test, we enjoyed them very much.  Only thing I missed was my home made chocolate chip cookies has a slight salty sweet note and I didn’t not get that from these cookies.  I asked my son his thoughts and after eating 7 he gave it thumbs up as he gave me puppy dog eyes to claim the last one on the tray which was mine and remained mine.   They must have been good as he is a  picky eater.


Would I buy again?  In a heartbeat and next time I am at the store I plan on buying some to keep in my freezer.   The ingredients fit my needs and so much better than the boxed cookies that you have to mix up and bake.  These just make life so simple and I am happy with the ingredients used.

Except for the fact I used 600 calories to taste test them.   🙂  Worth every little calorie.

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