Breakfast Cups

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Look at these cute little things I made for my sister while she was up.  They were so amazingly good and they tasted just as good the next day heated up too.  There has never been anything more simple to make than these.  The one on the left is in my silicone muffin tin and the one of the right is taken out.  they retain their shape wonderfully.

take some deli meat, what ever you like but we used ham, and put them in a muffin tin.   I used my silicone baking cups which I just adore.

then make your scrambled egg mixture (don’t add milk or water but just straight eggs and seasoning) which is however you want to make it.  I did eggs, salt, pepper, garlic powder and minced onion.  I filled each ham cup 3/4 of the way full.

Then top with whatever cheese you wish to use.   For my sister I used mont/jack cheese and for my son and I we used Daiya cheese.

Place in a 350 degrees oven until a knife inserted comes out clean.  about 20 minutes but all ovens vary.

this packs well in school lunches, picnic baskets, brown bag lunches, breakfast on the go, quick after workout snack, camping.  I really can’t think of a place these won’t go and still be good.

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