Butterfly Belly

Isn’t that an awesome name for a restaurant? Butterfly Belly is an authentic Chinese place. The owners are super nice and are right there working the tables and cooking along side everyone else. It is a super cool place to visit and the food was super yummy. Its a nice little place right in downtown Portland so getting there was a trip in itself. Places like portland are not something I am use to so not only did we enjoy good food we got to see some of Portland life both good parts and bad. There was a cute little park on the other side of Butterfly Belly so the scene was very nice.

We started our meal with Calamari. I have had calamari in many different places and I love it but the calamari at Butterfly Belly, in the famous words of Emeril Lagasse was kicked up a notch and then another notch. It was like calamari crack…..There were 5 of us and I have never seen so many hands going so fast trying to get the last of it. Since I was a guest and it was my first time there I got the last of it, I wasn’t polite and accepted it. I was polite enough not to lick the plate but I really wanted to. Next time I will be placing two orders and trust me I will be back!

I had the hawaain seafood fried rice (and a flavored coffee, no photo) 3 of the diners had Peanut Pad Thai and one of the diners had Pho. I didn’t know I liked Pad Thai as I don’t normally get Chinese food, but it turns out I really enjoy it so I convinced one of the younger eaters to share with me (grandma has a way of sweet talking them) and I shared my rice. It was amazing, it had a creamy peanut sauce and thick noodles and such yummy goodness. My rice was perfectly cooked with big chunks of seafood and yes I ate it all. The only dish I did not taste was the Pho because it was spicy and I don’t do spice well but he said it was really yummy and it was really neat how it was presented. It came with this little bowl of things that you add to the bigger bowl and you must see their website because they are famous for their bone broth. The meal was magnificent and we waddled out of this place just like I have at all the places so far. I don’t get to eat at safe places that are 100% gluten free often so I have just been in Heaven here in Oregon.

Over all impression: This is a must stop at place in the heart of Portland if you love authentic Chinese food. Owners just make this place pop with their friendly hands on attitude and they top it off with some amazing food. Would it be bad if I just went and ate fried calamari every day???? I would if I were in walking distance, but since it is a drive I think I have to be happy with knowing I might make it back one or two more times.

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