Jazzy Ladies Cafe Review

I am going to brag all over this place! Seriously, it is one of the best places I think I have ever eaten at gluten or gluten free but luckily it is 100% gluten free. I am a breakfast fanatic and one of the saddest things about being gluten free is that you have to settle for some kind of eggs or hash any time you go out for breakfast. I have not been able to eat waffles for breakfast (other than my husbands famous Belgium waffles) in 16 years.

Lets get all the other things out on the table before I start with the food. The setting is a quaint little place with tables inside and outside and we opted for outside and even settled for an outside table in 109 degree weather because we didn’t want to miss another chance to eat here. It was almost like we were whisked away to another place when we sat down. Cold water was in vases on the table and servers were friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was just magical and when you thought things couldn’t get any better here came the food.

The first day we started out with just cold water and of course I had to have a Latte, isn’t it amazing? 2nd day sitting in 109 weather before noon we opted for milkshakes and lots and lots of cold water.

First day was mostly breakfast with Chicken and waffles, Strawberry waffles and french toast shared 3 ways. This is when I really thought I had entered into another world. Seriously these waffles melted in your mouth, Have you ever had a waffle melt in your mouth? Unexplainable. With the chicken and waffles it was so fluffy and rich and those chicken tenders with candied bacon and maple syrup (my mouth is watering as I type) was exquisite. Then you turn your taste buds to a waffle with fresh berries, whipped cream and you are swept away to another place. The french toast was just another notch of the yummiest food I think I have ever had. It was just perfectly done and unexplainably good.

2nd day we got the chicken and waffles again because in my opinion you just can’t go without ordering this dish, but since I also like the fresh fruit I got a bowl of that and used half of the waffle for a fruit waffle. We wanted to try the sandwiches as well since this was our last day and we opted for the club on Focaccia bread. We wish we would have gone with the white bread because it was not our favorite but that is only because we do not like rosemary as much as some would. It was still amazing, juicy and flavorful and I really really encourage anyone to get the skinny fries. Oh my they were good. We waddled out of there literally. We finished the fries even though it hurt to do so, no fries left behind for us, they were that good!

We finished our meal with a whoopie pie and a cinnamon roll for our great cinnamon roll battle. We bought cinnamon rolls from all three places we went to and compared them. Results will be posted soon. The whoopie pie was magically delicious of course with sticky gooey yummy marshmallow cream inside a perfectly cooked chocolate cakey cookie. Oh goodness it was good.

My over all impression? You have to go. it is worth standing in line in 109 degree weather. I would do it over and over and over again. I can’t even begin to express how happy this place makes my soul, ,my mouth, my tummy, my heart. I have had a hard time even putting into words how magnificient the food is. Standing ovation to the owners and creators of such a wonderful place.

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