Eats and Treats Cafe Review

We had a wild two days of finding all the 100% gluten free eateries in our area and it was a whirlwind of food, fun and smiles.

We started with dinner at Eats and treats where we were greeted with amazing people who all had smiles on their faces. It was a quaint little place in downtown Philomath with beautiful scenery and lovely but simple art work on the walls. This is a BBQ place so in the back of the building you will find the BBQ all set up, filling the neighborhood with the wonderful smells. But we didn’t go for the BBQ although we really would have liked to enjoy everything there it was just too much for 1 trip.

First and foremost, you need to tell them if it is your first visit to see them. If it’s your first time they will give you one of their giant chocolate chip cookies and since my 3 year old grandson talked sweet to the waitress he got a free cookie for bringing Grandma in to see them as well. Let me say the servers are all super nice and very attentive to needs and the food came out quickly which was nice as we had two grumpy and hungry kiddos. Also, the owner personally checks on everyone to make sure you are enjoying your experience.

You MUST get the sweet potato fries to start out with. Get the starter because if you only order them as the side you will regret not having more to eat. I can’t even explain the happiness these provided for my mouth. I have never had a french fry literally melt in your mouth but this is what these delicious morsels seemed to do. They also give you a dipping sauce, their campfire sauce, which is just magical. If nothing else, you have to get the fries! This was literally the highlight of the trip itself.

But one can not live on french fries alone so I also got the Chicken pot pie. You get a heaping portion of food with this, a big buttermilk biscuit in a creamy chicken and vegetable cream sauce that is just good, homemade yumminess. I was only able to eat 1/2 the portion. It was simple basic comfort food.

We also got a burger for the boys with some amazing (not homemade but still good) potato chips. The bun was homemade and the burger was cooked just right. With all the condiments the bun broke down a bit and started to crumble but that did not take away from the awesomeness of the burger itself and again you get a hefty portion of food. The other burger plate had regular french fries and we are sorry to say after devouring the sweet potato fries the regular fries just didn’t compare. They were good don’t get me wrong, but nothing can come close to the sweet potato fries, did I tell you that they were totally amazing. If I were to drive back today, it would be for just those sweet potato fries.

We also got the tri tip steak with the biggest hunk of jalapeno cornbread I think I have ever seen along with cucumber salad. I didn’t get to taste this as I am not a fan of red meat unless in hamburger form but I was told that it was amazing. And the corn bread had a sweet honey butter.

We had a side of buttermilk bisquit which if we had to do again we would have asked for some honey butter for it as that would have elevated it to another degree.

The mac and cheese had great texture for a gluten free pasta and it was a homemade comfort food.

Over all, the entire meal was just good comfort food, Homemade with love and 100% gluten free. If that is not enough don’t forget we got free cookies, plus we got a cinamon roll. (see review on the great Cinamon Roll Taste Test)

If you are ever in the Philomath, Oregon area this is a place you must stop at. You won’t regret the hometown, homemade, comfort food and friendly vibe that they provide. Plus just check out the goodies they had when we were there. I could have spent a fortune and stuffed myself silly but alas I had more places to go and more food to try.

Tell them I sent you, maybe they will send me a free cookie.

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